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OMG it’s Christmas again… how to stay healthy during the holidays?

OMG it’s Christmas again… how to stay healthy during the holidays?

The festive season is always so exciting and a social time. We are all looking forward to family reunions, Christmas lunch at the office, dinner party with friends, all these occasions are wonderful celebration times.

Hot chocolates, Ginger cookies, Orange cakes and all kind of sweets & chocolate are absolutely everywhere. Difficult to stay out of the festive spirit and its indulgences! It could be stressful… and challenging to keep a balanced lifestyle and diet around this time of the year. The idea is not to restricted ourselves during this magical period but to avoid feeling guilty, unwell, frustrated, and blaming ourselves afterward.

Here are a few tips for a healthy and happy end of the year:

  • Pace yourself – Try not to overeat

Be reassure, you will not starve during the next two weeks… so pace yourself. Eat slowly and wait 20 minutes before eating a second piece of this caramel-chocolate buche de Noel!

  • Eat/Drink your Greens

Probably the most important tip. In the middle of pumpkin, potatoes and other delicacies, try to sneak in some green vegetables! Worst case replace the hot chocolate by a green juice twice per week in the afternoon

  • Beauty Sleep

Always a good advice! We tend to stay up late during the holidays, but with colder weather, night starting earlier and the amount of food we usually eat, our body needs to relax and recover. Between 7 and 8 hours of sleep at night is so beneficial for our digestive system! Your skin and hair will look healthier as well J

  • Drink… Water

Once again, super important. First of all if you drink water, you will tend to drink less of other sweet beverages (hot chocolate, hot wine…) Secondly, you will feel less hungry and will probably eat less. Best time to drink water is first thing in the morning and before meals. Also, everyone is different but around 2 liters is usually about what you need.

  • Adapt your fitness routine

It’s cold outside, and the only thing we want to do is stay home and watch a movie, right? So instead of aiming for the high intensity workout or the morning run you are usually practicing, which can be unappealing and finally are not happening at all during the holidays…why not planning a nice walk with friends and family after lunch or a nice quite yoga session in the morning. Listen to your body!

  • Breakfast

Cakes, cookies, chocolates cannot be avoided…but don’t you think we can skip the sweet intake at breakfast? Also starting the day with avocado on toast or other kind of savory options will help manage your sweet cravings you during the day

  • Exceptions are ok!

When you watch your consumption of sugar, gluten, processed food or animal products or have some food intolerances, the holiday season is the time of the year when all exceptions seem to be permitted… and it is kind of ok! It would be sad and boring not to indulge with our loved ones. Listen to your cravings, and let them out of your system. But let’s do it within reason! Not need to eat chocolate every hour of the day. Maybe a bit of planning can help. Today I know I’ll have an afternoon tea and cake will be served… I’ll try to pass on the marzipan tonight

  • Home cooking

Another way to manage the quality and quantity of food you will be eating is to organize dinner party, lunch or afternoon tea at home. Home cooking is always the best! It puts you in charge and in control of your ingredients J Check for instance our orange salad for a quick, easy and healthy dessert recipe

Nobody is perfect and I don’t pretend to have a magic recipe to stay in balance during the holidays or during the entire year indeed!

This year I will try to apply these tips to enjoy even more wonderful moments with my loved ones.

The ENCAS team and myself wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year!



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