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The Coconut Oil Case

Posted on September 14 2018

Every other month the debate comes back... is coconut good or bad?   We all heard about this Harvard professor recently stating that Coconut Oil was "one of the worst foods you can eat", even calling it "pure poison".Let's step back and try to to understand where this polemic is...

Plant Based Proteins 101

Posted on July 23 2018

When I speak about vegan diet or plant based lifestyle as I like to call it, the first question I get is what do you eat? As if kale, green salad and cucumber were the only options…

All About Coconut: Is it really Healthy, Is it Fattening?

Posted on July 07 2018

COCONUT has probably one of the most controversial nutritional facts. High in fat and high in calories, Coconut is often considered to be a fattening food and avoid in the perspective to maintain or lose weight. But as mentioned before, FAT doesn’t make you FAT (the same way “blueberries don’t make you blue”).

Why everyone is going Charcoal Crazy?

Posted on February 11 2018

From Charcoal croissant to Charcoal Ice cream and classic Charcoal Latte… You may have noticed the charcoal trend in town.

So why everyone is going Charcoal crazy? What are the benefits of it?

OMG it’s Christmas again… how to stay healthy during the holidays?

Posted on January 10 2018

The festive season is always so exciting and a social time. We are all looking forward to family reunions, Christmas lunch at the office, dinner party with friends, all these occasions are wonderful celebration times.

Hot chocolates, Ginger cookies, Orange cakes and all kind of sweets & chocolate are absolutely everywhere. Difficult to stay out of the festive spirit and its indulgences! It could be stressful… and challenging to keep a balanced lifestyle and diet around this time of the year. The idea is not to restricted ourselves during this magical period but to avoid feeling guilty, unwell, frustrated, and blaming ourselves afterward.

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