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JLT Healthy Hidden Gems

JLT Healthy Hidden Gems

For the past year my office is located in JLT, I discover this area and create new habits around the different clusters. What I love about JLT are the small restaurants, eateries, and cafes where lunch is delicious and affordable!

Here are my go to healthy places:

  • The terrace option: 1762 - Tower One -

I love their salad options, summer rolls, quiches… it changes everyday. Vegan/Gluten free options available. Whatever I order to eat I always ask for a rooibos vanilla tea to go with it!

  • The coffee shop: Sunnyville - Cluster V -

Where you can find Eliane’s famous Donuts! (Eliane from Eats and Treats) Vegan and gluten free Donuts. You’ll also find a selection of energy balls and granola bars. I don’t drink coffee but apparently it’s a very good place to get your fix.

Nothing fancy, just good food. I usually order the falafel wrap or the organic lentils salad with a Super Juice - Cucumber, green apple, lemon, kale, ginger, mint, celery (without apple).

Coup de coeur for the “I need detox Salad” with Chili roasted chickpeas, kale, broccoli, clementine, avocado and coconut flakes topped with Lemon/Tahini dressing. You have to try it!

Pure good food. Almost the entire menu is steamed so super healthy. I like to design my own meal with steamed tofu or italian veggie balls + You get to pick your veggies and your sauce/spices :)

  • The asian option: Vietnamese Foodies - Cluster D -

It feels like a real family restaurant, Pho soups are to die for, vegan option available. A la carte or set menu for lunch.

How not to love this plant based eatery! I never know what to pick, I love everything! The buddha burger and squash curry stew are my regular choices, but really, the entire menu is creative and every dish is delicious. Urth by Nabz is my favorite lunch place. 

I hope you will enjoy discovering or visiting these places. They are all small and medium-sized businesses. It is great and refreshing to have this kind of offering in the market. They made me like JLT more…

PS: All of these restaurants offered great lunch options for around AED50 (meal and drink).

Photo credit: Urth by Nabz


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