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Carré is a square indulgence mixing natural ingredients into three different layers: a crunchy biscuit base, a mouth-watering filling and a crackling chocolate top. Carré is conceived to provide the perfect balance of energy, nutrients and delicious taste to give the sweet escape that you deserve at any time of the day. Wherever you are, Carré original flavors make you travel the world to the finest of tastes!

Available at Kitchen Nation, JLT, Cluster Y, Dubai


Carré New-York, New-York! (Caramel-Peanut) - 4 mini bites

Carré New-York, New-York! 

4 mini bites - Caramel & Peanut

Carré Beautiful Istanbul

Carré Beautiful Istanbul

4 mini bites - Rose & Pistachio

Carré Stop to Zanzibar

Carré Stop to Zanzibar 

4 mini bites - Orange & Ginger

Carré Magical Bali

Carré Magical Bali

4 mini bites - Coconut & Dark Chocolate

dubai with love

From Dubai With Love 

12 assorted mini bites


ENCAS means Snack in French. The ENCAS moment is a sweet escape through a
delicious, beautiful, natural and nutritional indulgence.

Too often clean eating is synonymous with average taste and an unfulfilling experience.
At ENCAS, we don’t compromise on taste, each product provides a sweet escape from our often busy, stressful and routine lives!

Our raw products are paleo, vegan friendly and free from gluten, dairy, grains, and refined sugar. Our focus is on ingredients quality and preparation methods that limit transformation to preserve the unique nutritional value of our products.
We do not count calories, we measure health benefits of authentic, natural and unprocessed ingredients. 


Two years ago, I started to face recurrent symptoms of low immunity, permanent infections, early development of cancer and food intolerances.

For the first time, I had been told to closely watch my lifestyle, diet, and sugar consumption. This was extremely difficult for me. I am French, I love all foods and especially sweets, having been raised on Creme Caramel, Tartes Tatin and Chocolate Fondant!

I had to learn a new way of eating, but did not want to compromise on taste and the physical beauty of food.

I started with a plant-based diet (free of gluten, refined and processed foods and mostly vegan). However, my sensibility to gluten, fructose and lactose made eating sweets bites and desserts nearly impossible. I quickly realized that the “free from” range was made of preservatives, additives, and a ton of ingredients’ that I cannot even pronounce or spell correctly. On the other end, natural snacks in specialized or grocery stores were always based on the same flavors, oat and almonds, and I could not find anything really tasty to indulge in!


To learn more about ENCAS products and services, please feel free to contact us here or at